A Little Correction About the Podcast Interview

Last April I was interviewed by Stacey Horan for her podcast, The Bookshop at the End of the Internet. It’s a great podcast where authors and their various works are shared with listeners. Check it out. Yesterday, July 10, my podcast interview went live. When I listened to the podcast - and hearing one’s voice is a little weird - I realized that one big thing I had talked about had changed between the time I was interviewed and when the interview went live on the podcast.

What was that “one big thing”? It was a freakin’ disaster. When I moved my domain from GoDaddy to Squarespace I lost 100% of the content of my website. There was no warning from either GoDaddy or Squarespace about this problem. Only after the fact did I discover that you can’t transfer your website data from Godaddy to Squarespace. So, in one, or two, clicks of the mouse, I lost over 300 essays and eight years of product. Gone forever.

When Stacey interviewed me this disaster had not happened, so in my interview I tell everyone they can go to my website and read all of those essays. Well, sorry, but not anymore. However, one can read some of them - fortunately I had published a collection of my favorites last summer in Out of the Ashes, A Collection of Essays. At least some of my work was not lost.

So, if you are on my website and trying to find those essays, it ain’t happening. But, you can enjoy the blogs I am posting, and you can order a copy of Out of the Ashes from Amazon. Plus, I hope you’ll listen to the podcast - it’s episode 33 and there is a link to it in “My First Podcast Interview” blog - and you’ll start the journey with Allison Parker and the mystery series.

Tackling Writer's Block

I detest writer’s block. My characters go on a walk-about and leave me stuck - usually in the middle of a tale - only to reappear whenever they decide it’s time to return to the proverbial barn. There’s no use in complaining. I don’t know of any writers who haven’t experienced this dreaded phenomenon. I guess it just goes with the territory, regardless of whether one is writing fiction, short story, bio or anything else that requires input from the Muse. Or Muses.

Two years ago, when I was in the midst of a terrorist plot while writing Suffer the Children, I had my first really tough experience with writer’s block. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t “hear” the story. A friend of mine who is a fabulous artist suggested I try a pastels class, something different but still drawing on the creative part of the brain. Believe me, drawing is not my forte. But, I was desperate and the class sounded fun. To my great surprise, at the end of the 8 week pastels class I clearly heard the Muse calling me back to finish Suffer the Children. So, this summer, when the block hit again in full force I decided to pick up my pastels again and give it a shot.

My style is Folk Art. I’ll never be a Van Gogh or even Grandma Moses, but I am having a hell of a good time. I’ve decided that my “signature” is painting the subject’s aura, and generally using colors that the subject would never sport in real life. So far I’ve painted three dogs, a barn and a church. Above I’ve posted “Maddie Gets Her Wings”, in honor of my daughter’s sweet, one-eyed pup who crossed the rainbow bridge last fall. If you look at my portfolio page you’ll see some of my other work. For those of you who are hooked on Allison Parker, never fear. I’m sure the Muse will return before the summer is over. In the meantime, enjoy the heat and do something fun.