About Adair

Professional Data

Adair Sanders was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in an era when girls of a certain social class were expected to marry well and never work. Exhibiting her penchant for being contrary, Adair left the confines of an all-girl education to pursue a psychology degree and a law degree from the University of Tennessee. For the next thirty years – give or take a few – Adair enjoyed disproving the agenda her parents had designed for her, becoming the first female member of a men’s dining club in Knoxville, Tennessee and then the first female partner in an old-line law firm in Jackson, Mississippi all the while, more or less, balancing a home life of husband and children.

Sanders’ first book, Biologically Bankrupt, is a memoir which shares with the reader an honest and insightful examination of generational dysfunction, abuse, and addiction in her family of origin. Written in response to what Sanders terms a “spiritual call”, Biologically Bankrupt contains a message of healing and reconciliation that has resounded with readers.

As Sick As Our Secrets, Sanders’ first fiction novel, is a deliciously enticing legal thriller replete with sex, blackmail and murder. A true page turner, readers will be glad to know that this book is just the first in the upcoming Allison Parker Mystery Series.

Adair lives in Brevard, North Carolina and is a founding member of the Brevard Authors’ Guild.  brevardauthorsguild.org.